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Greetings! Unfaro, which translates to “The Lighthouse” represents our guiding mission to illuminate and elevate your career to new heights. We are a passionate team of technology, design, and product enthusiasts, backed by decades of experience in the IT industry, working with both Product and Services organizations.


Picture a world where we could pay using our knowledge. I teach you about Multimodal AI and you repay me by teaching me about Gen AI. And we all support each other with our shared knowledge. In this same world, you could brainstorm ideas, solve doubts and discuss all the latest developments.

We are translating this collaborative world into reality at Unfaro. Our community sees this as a call to action. Where collective knowledge sharing brings us all together to benefit the entire community. To build this passionate community this is what we believe in:


  • Inclusivity: We welcome all tech enthusiasts to join our community irrespective of their time zone or professional pedigree
  • Innovation: We aim to be a hotbed of new ideas. Our community sessions evoke thought-provoking ideas.
  • Impact: Our community is built to provide solutions for a greater impact.
  • Integration: We connect different ideas and bring them together to create a harmonious fusion of solutions.


  1. Encourage learning and growth: Unfaro aims to foster learning for all its members at each step. No matter what professional stage you are at, through our community platforms you will be able to leverage the knowledge needed to develop your technical skills. We facilitate knowledge sharing through workshops, talks and discussions.
  2. Facilitate professional networking: By being a part of the community at Unfaro you will be able to establish tech community networking. This could help you in interacting with professionals with experience spanning over 20 years across the globe with a passion for technology. Our community members would be able to find opportunities through job referrals, mentorship and project collaboration.
  3. Active Leadership: As a member of our community we encourage leadership through all our members. We advocate for all members to lead community sessions and new initiatives. These could include facilitating community sessions, meetups, projects and so on.

Our Offerings

Our community is more than just a group of techies. We offer a multitude of benefits such as:


Weekly Tech Talks: Our weekly community sessions focus on business case studies in the tech domain. All our sessions are interactive and involve sharing insights on the case studies. These sessions nurture the minds of our members with knowledge and enable the exchange of ideas and wisdom.


Daily Resource Sharing: There is never a moment of boredom in our community. We regularly share knowledge bases and resources on a community platform from which all our community members can increase their knowledge on the latest buzz topics.


Weekly Newsletter: To keep you updated with all the latest happenings in the tech world we have our newsletter which is released fortnightly. Our newsletter is like a sneak peek into the world of tech and our discussions in the community sessions.

Mentorship and guidance: Our community can proudly say that they know experts from the industry. We are a close-knit community where we offer mentorship programmes and guidance where all our members can learn from industry experts. Unfaro community also provides job referrals and openings that can propel your career.

Why Join us

You must join our online tech community if you want to:

  • Be a part of a Supportive Environment
  • Desire Knowledge advancement
  • Showcase your knowledge
  • Network with industry experts
  • Learn through Practical examples
  • Gain insights on career advancement

  • Have fun while learning

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